Therapy Practice Management System

Our practice management system is a Cloud based web application that manages the day-to-day operations of a practice, such as appointment scheduling, billing and other administrative tasks.

Maintaining a practice using a digital application like our’s has many advantages. Our cloud based web application can be accessed from any where, any time and our application is compatible with all major devices. It will increase productivity and reduces unnecessary paperwork.

Our application is carefully designed after analysing SOPs adapted by the major therapy players and it can surely satisfy your practice’s need regardless of your practice size. PHIs are protected as per the compliance. Our cloud partners deploy proper surveillance & auditing mechanisms and We secure our application with firewalls, SSL/TSL and two factor authorisation.

Our application has several functionalities and components to help manage a practice efficiently. Few of them are listed below.

  • Clients module includes functionalities to add, manage client’s data & files. Request eligibility check to biller within the application. Add & manage authorisation details.
  • Scheduler module functionalities includes allocation of work between rendering therapist & rbts without any scheduling conflicts. Authorisation based scheduling checks for prior authorisation to avoid potential revenue loss and notifies authorisation expiry prior to its respective deadlines. Helps with every rescheduling scenarios arises due to preponement, postponement, cancellation & employees absence as leave.
  • Employees module includes functionalities to add & manage employees details. Employees will have a dedicated login account. Automatic Worksheet submission after every rendered services. Ease of payroll processing if employees are paid hourly. Calculates worksheet hours for every employee and automatically calculates payroll as per their respective hourly wage. Leave management.
  • Billing module plays a vital role in any practice management system. Claim management. Maintaining proper ledger and payment posting with EOB/ERA.
  • Reports module helps in customized reporting as per practice’s needs.
  • Notification System notifies every Claim submission, every EOB received, immediate notification of every employee activities such as rendered services, worksheet submission & client’s reschedule & cancellation requests.

Our application provides different types of User login accounts depending on their roles in their respective practices.

  • Staff account for administrative staffs.
  • Biller account for medical billing professionals.
  • Analyst/Therapist account for rendering therapists & rbts.
  • Full privilege account for Practice owners.

Each user accounts have various level of access control & privileges based on their roles.